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Senior Insurance Planning

Health care coverage is a key component to a successful retirement plan. According to Forbes Magazine, 62% of bankruptcies are caused by medical expenses and 78% of bankruptcies filers had some form of health insurance.1 With proper coverage, your assets are protected from the high costs of provider services and medications.

Navigating the maze of options can be overwhelming and confusing. Our health care advisor focuses on senior coverage and can help you find the best solutions to your health care needs.

Most people review their coverage every year. This helps them ensure that they are getting the most affordable plan, one that provides the most flexibility, lowest cost prescriptions, and provides access to the widest variety of prescription drugs.

Please take a moment to review this short article regarding how the high cost of medical care can lead to bankruptcy if proper safeguards are not a part of your plan.

For more information about your options as you turn 65 and look toward retirement, connect to our local, licensed, and experienced agent.

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