Protecting Profits In Retirement

Monday, June 5, 2017| 1 Comment

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Protecting Profits In Retirement

I specialize in working with people 57 and older. The reason why is because protecting principle and profits is a whole different discipline than accumulating assets.

I recommend to all my clients, as you near or are in retirement, you should be protecting as much of your profit base as possible, if you don’t want to go back to work in retirement.

Here’s what I mean by that. If you’re one of the people who retired in 2006, and you had a $1 million dollar portfolio and your retirement advisor/stock-broker said. “Hey, the way that we are going to create income in retirement is we’re simply going to pull 5% off of your $1 million dollar portfolio and you’ll have enough to live, as long as we get better than a 5% return”. You probably ran into some problems.

Here’s why. We had the real estate correction of 2007 and the stock market correction of 2008 and many good hard-working Americans lost up to 40% of their retirement portfolio.

Here’s what that means. Your $1 million dollar portfolio is now worth $600k and in order to generate that $50k/year income you’re going to have to pull better than 8% out of your retirement savings accounts in order to generate the same income. But what if you’re only earning 1 – 2 % like we did in the years proceeding 2007 and 2008?

This is how people, good people, blow up their retirement plans. So, I recommend if you’re in retirement or near retirement you want to protect as much of your retirement base as possible.

Soon, I’ll be sharing with you some closely guarded secrets by stock-brokers and big banks that prevent people from protecting their assets in retirement. Last thing, you don’t have to sacrifice good returns in order to get safety.

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  • Avani Rathod says:

    Yes, Everyone wants Happy Retirement.
    But for that we should think a plan for retirement future. we should start investing in younger age, while investing there is so many aspect to look into it. corporate advisory services or Financial advisory is must.

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