There Are Asset Preservation Strategies Being Kept Secret From You. Did You Know?

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In this post, I am continuing our subject regarding the importance of protecting your profits in retirement. Last video I talked about the differences between asset accumulation and asset preservation and how I feel it is important as you near or are in retirement to transition from asset accumulation to asset preservation because, quite honestly, all of the heavy lifting of accumulation should have been done when you were working. I also shared with you when you retire can greatly effect how you retire.


Today, I am going to be sharing with you a closely guarded secret by many people in my industry that are not telling you about those asset preservation strategies. But, before I do, let me ask you a simple question? If there was a mutual fund out there available where you could participate in all of the upside gains, but if there was a loss you would simply be credited zero, rather than going backwards and there were no hidden fees and you paid a declared rate of 1-2 percent would you be interested??


Yeah, I would be too! Let’s get that straight, all the upside potential, no potential for loss, and no hidden fees. So, here’s the dirty little secret. Most people in my industry will never tell you about plans like that out there for one of two reasons. Either, they are not licensed and do not have the ability to share those strategies with you or they make less money on those safe money strategies, as opposed to keeping 100% of your money invested in the stock market.


So, let’s get that right. They either can’t offer them to you or they would make less money, if you used those strategies. That’s why they have not been sharing those strategies with you and they are doing a heck of job demonizing those strategies, so they can keep their revenues up and/or not have to talk about them at all.


In my next post, I am going to be sharing with you how exactly you can find strategies like those and put them to work inside your portfolio. I do what I do because I want hard working people just like you to have the best opportunity to have the most fulfillment and happiness in retirement.


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