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Do you have the ability to see your full financial picture on-line?  Are you aware of all of the functions in Blueleaf?


Blueleaf has the ability to show you a weekly snapshot of your entire financial picture.   You can add your credit card accounts, mortgages, loans and even important documents.


I recently heard of another advisor who had a client who’s home burned to the ground. Everything was lost, but not everything. The client had added, to the documents tab in his Blueleaf account, his marriage certificate, social security cards, birth certificates of children and log-in information for all of the families important accounts.


The client was able to recover all the hardcopies of the documents he lost in the fire, by simply downloading them from Blueleaf.


Are you using the full potential of Blueleaf?  You can create a virtual fireproof vault holding all of your families important financial and personal information.


Don’t have an on-line system to view your entire financial picture and store important documents?  Go ahead…call us about the ability to use Blueleaf in your life.

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